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Hi-Tech and You .....
How we work together to get Your Site up on the WorldWide Web

Love is a two-way street .....

We assume that you are reading this because you are not an experienced Web Developer yourself. Given that, it's fair to say that you can no more create your Web Site yourself than we could create one for you without YOUR help, either.
It's up to you to first decide that a Web Site makes sense for you. You are the one that knows what you want your Site to accomplish for you. You probably have a pretty good idea of what you want in it as well. That is our beginning point ... your ideas for what you want.
We'll spend a little time now going over the steps to accomplish it.

Let's get started ...

It's your move.

Get in touch with Hi-tech. Telephone us. E-mail us. Write us a letter. Visit us. Whatever. Let's get together to talk about what it is that the web can do for you.


This is a 2-way discussion. You tell us what you have in mind, give us your ideas on what you want your Site to contain and how you might want it to look. As we listen to you, we'll also lead you through all the considerations we have raised in this tutorial, ask you questions, and make suggestions. We'll talk about things like what 'tone' (funny? serious? neutral? etc.?) you want to use, any 'themes' you would like to use.

A preliminary design. Based on what we come up with in the initial discussions, we'll sketch out a high level rough plan for your Site. We will pencil out layout sheets for your pages and identify what items you need to provide for us to include (pictures to scan in? blocks of text you want to write? tables or charts of information?).

Logistics Again. The other thing we will discuss and agree on at this time are the where's and why's of where we will be putting your site once it's developed.

Now it's Our Turn ...

A Site is Born.

It's a Prototype. Remember those penciled page layouts we did in that last paragraph? Hi-Tech is going to turn them into actual Web pages you can see. We won't have all your images in it or all your tables filled in, but we'll have the space reserved for them. We'll have links between pages working so you can try out the navigation of your site.

We have to talk. We get together with you again now to get your feedback on the Prototype Site. It's at this time that we all agree that things are on the right track. You can make suggestions, we can shuffle things around. At the end of this step, the structure of your Site is agreed on and it's time for us to fill in all the blanks.

It's the real thing. Next we take your Site from Prototype to the Finished Product. We'll plug in all of the images, text, sounds, and bells& whistles to get your Site ready for the Internet. You, of course, get to proofread the Site at this point, too. You and we work together to clean up and tweak anything that needs fixing.

It's Show Time ...

Let's get you Online.

Going Up. While we were working on your Prototype and Finished Site versions, we were also doing what, if anything, we needed to for your Logistics. If you decided on using a Web Hosting company, we directed and helped you to get your online space and account ready to go. Either way, now it's time for us to physically move your Site into whatever hosting space you'll be using.

Open for Business. Depending on the kind of Site you settled on, Hi-Tech could be just about finished with your Site at this point. If your Site is one for your friends and your utility and you don't need to attract newcomers, Hi-Tech is ready to fall into a warranty and maintenance mode. All you need to do is let everyone in your audience know the URL.

It pays to Advertise. If the whole point of your Site IS to show up and be found in Web searches, we have one more job to do. All of the major Search Engines periodically send out 'Spiders' to rummage around in Web Sites looking for keywords with which to Index Sites. We will have, in the creation of your Site, imbedded pertinent keywords (whether visible in the Site or not) in places that these 'Spiders' find attractive. Now that you're online, we will also Register your Site with selected Search Engines to get their attention and make sure their 'Spiders' pay you a visit.

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