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Now that we've thought about the Options available
concerning types of Sites and Site Owners .....
Let's take a look at LOGISTICS

We present two considerations for you under the subject Logistics ---

First, Where to put your Site.

Every Site on the WorldWide Web is located, or 'found', by other sites by it's URL (Uniform Resource Locator), which you can conceptualize as an 'address' on the Internet. A site's URL is 'resolved' within the Internet to point to the one exact physical 'server' computer on which it's associated Site resides, or exists. What this amounts to is that your Site physically consists of code 'files' which are 'stored' on disk drives on computers that are configured to be server's and are connected to the Internet.

You have three choices for your Site LOCATION.

Your ISP's Home Pages Server.     Virtually all Internet Service Providers operate a Home Server on which space is reserved complete with a URL 'pointing' to that space for each Subscriber's account.
A Web Hosting Company's Server.     Numerous companies have been formed whose business it is to maintain large 'server' facilities. They have the computers and high speed communications connections required for Web Hosting . Like your ISP, these facilities host large numbers of individual Sites. They essentially 'rent' you the space in much the same way your ISP does, except that the cost of the space with the ISP is included with your access fees (whether you utilize it or not). A significant advantage of using Web Hosting is that you can acquire your own Domain Name (e.g, www.mysite.com).
Setup Your Own Internet Servers.     Yes, this is indeed an option for locating your Site. However, unless you anticipate VERY low volumes of 'traffic' to your Site, a very large expense in computers and communications connetions are required. If your Site does become the next eBay or Yahoo, you will want to get into this approach. In the meantime, we're going to just settle for having mentioned it as a possibility for purposes of this discussion.

Second, How to get your Site noticed.

Once your Site has been created, and we've decided on where to put it, there's the question of how to get people to find it. The WorldWide Web is a big big place, which makes your one individual Site a small fish in a very large pond. But, before we talk about HOW to get it noticed, we'll take a look at WHO you want to notice it.

Essentially, the question is whether you want your Site PRIVATE or PUBLIC.
OK, admittedly, if you're on the Internet, that's hardly private. What we're talking about is whether your goal is to present information to people you specifically want to see it or if you have a Site that you want to attract 'strangers'.

What we are calling PRIVATE.     Let's assume as an example that your Site is one that is Static and Personal according to our definitions on the previous page. Perhaps you are maintaining a family site for the use of your 'clan', which takes in your entire immediate family including your parents and all of your aunts, uncles, and cousins. You keep family pictures, news, and upcoming events on the Site. Naturally, every member of the family will have the Site's URL and will know how to access it. You're not trying to hide the Site from the rest of the world, but neither are you interested in going to any trouble to attract strangers to it. This Site is primarily presentational to a specific audience and qualifies for our terminology of Private. The significance to you is that there is less for us to have to do for you.
What we are calling PUBLIC.     On the other hand, what if your Site is for your Group or Business, and one of the main purposes for your being online is to attract new members or customers. In that case, you would like the Site to be very Public in that you would want everybody looking for your kinds of goods or services to be attracted to your Site like moths to a flame. There are very specific things we can do for you as we design and create your Site to help attract attention to it.

Now that we've gone over your options as to the type and kind of site you want, and taken a look at the Logistical considerations, we'll next talk a little about how we turn this theory into reality.

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