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Here, we'll take a look at the choices you need to make in determining what type, or kind, of site you want and need.

First, let's consider a few definitions -

Two Basic Types of SITES:

Static -- Static Sites consist of one or more pages of fixed information. These pages may contain just about anything - text, images, charts, pictures, links to other pages, even links to other sites, pictures, tables, animations, graphs, sounds - but they always look, feel, and sound the same each time they are requested and displayed by a person viewing them. An example of a Static site we designed may be seen at FuelNet, a site describing a fleet fuels management system we also designed, wrote, and operated.
Dynamic, or Interactive -- Dynamic Sites can contain all of the elements listed for Static Sites, but there is an Interaction between these pages and the site's server. Additional elements may be included to support that interaction, such as forms, buttons, drop-down boxes (menus), and other kinds of things supporting viewer requests and responses. Dynamic sites Are inherently more complex than Static ones, as the actual content of successive pages can vary depending on viewer (or user) actions.a great example of a Dynamic site we developed is Ashby Crossing student housing's site ashbycrossing.com.

Next, Some Basic Types of Site OWNERS:

Personal -- Personal Owner Sites are simply about YOU, the Site Owner. Your site puts you into the connected community of the World Wide Web, most often for the benefit of your family, friends, or new acquaintences. You might want to include personal information and pictures of you, perhaps of your immediate family or pets as well. You might include hobbies, interests, announcements (births, weddings, birthdays, etc.). Your Site can also be a great communications center for the people you know and want to keep in touch with.

Groups -- Group Owner Sites are for Owners such as Clubs and Civic Organizations. Actually, any organized activity could most likely benefit from having it's own site online. Like Personal Owner sites, these are usually Static and informational only in nature, although Interactive things like membership applications could be handled as well. The Group's purpose, functions, activities, calendar, membership requirements, and contact information would usually be included. We differentiate Group Owner sites from Personal Owner and Business Owner ones mostly to reflect what are often (though not necessarily) increasing levels of complexity of the sites themselves.

Businesses -- Business Owner Sites are pretty much self-explanatory in that they are generally for the benefit of businesses, although any entity engaged in business activity (non-profit organizations, for instance) might be a Business Owner. Obviously desirable information would include products and services, contact information, and perhaps statements of business history, objectives, or mission. However, the most likely distinguishing characteristic of Business Owner Sites is the increased complexity of such things as online Interactive database requirements, e-commerce, and the use of Dynamic Web pages.

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